Help! My belly fat won’t go down (2)

If you’ve been following my last post and you’re reading this now, you must have figured you were definitely doing something wrong to hinder you from obtaining a flat belly. Well, not to worry, this post offers effective solutions to achieving that flat belly you’ve always dreamed of.


Achieving a flat belly can prove daunting especially if you’ve been consistently working out but seeing little or no results in your mid-section. While weight loss may help reveal a slimmer figure, it doesn’t necessarily translate to a flat belly. Fat loss is an important component for achieving a flat belly. Here are some fitness and lifestyle tweaks you can make to help you obtain a flatter belly faster:

1. Watch your diet!: Don’t get me wrong now. When I say diet, I’m not talking about going on some fad and unrealistic diet plan. Several studies have shown that exercising regularly without making diet and lifestyle adjustments can show little to no favorable results. If you want to lose belly fat, then you need to make adjustments to your diet as well as exercising regularly. You need to maintain a caloric deficit by eating healthy foods and not just any kind of foods. This is where the saying, ‘All calories are not created equal’, becomes important to bear in mind. You also have to be consistent and disciplined in your approach.

Source: Pxfuel

2. Drink lots of water: Have you ever come across individuals who claim to dislike the taste of water? Well, if you’re one of such individuals, I hate to break it to you but you will have to learn to love drinking water. Many studies show that there is a strong correlation between drinking more water and losing fat. This is because drinking more water increases the number of calories burned, also known as resting energy expenditure. Several health and fitness experts recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water in temperate regions and at 3 liters of water in tropical regions.

Source: USGS

3. Get enough sleep: It’s somewhat bizarre to have to point this out but in today’s world, we have many individuals struggling to get in at least 7hours of sleep daily, which is the recommended hours of sleep for adults. Studies show that not getting enough sleep can have negative implications on an individual’s health and fitness lifestyle. One particular study shows that when a dieter gets a full night’s sleep, more than half of the weight lost is fat. When the dieter cuts back on sleep however, only one-fourth of the weight lost came from fat.

Furthermore, the study also found that dieters who didn’t get a full night’s sleep faced increased hunger levels as a result of an increased production of ghrelin, a hormone that triggers hunger and reduces energy expenditure.


4. Lift weights : Focusing all your energy on cardio may not be helping you achieve the flat belly you want. While cardio is great for weight loss, it is not as effective for fat loss. Incorporating weight training to your workout routine will help you burn fat, build muscle definition and reveal a lean and toned figure.


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